Monday, October 11, 2010

Wishlist 13/10/2010

Lately I've been eyeing off a few things which I really can't afford right now but feel like I desperately need them! So I've concocted a list for your viewing pleasure. Let me know what you think!

1. The Melissa 'Temptation' shoes in red

Price- $140.00

mmmmmmm. I can smell those bubblegum scented heels from here. I absolutely adore Melissa shoes. Not just for the look, the scent and the fact that they're vegan heels, but also for how wonderfuly comfortable they are to wear. I have found that Melissa shoes are the only shoes that don't make my feet feel like they're about to burst into flames after a few hours of hitting the clubs with my friends.

I've tried this pair on before. They looked amazing but the shop I went to sold out of my size :'(
Soon my pretties, soon you will be mine.

2. The Wheels and Dollbaby 'Bluebird Tattoo print silk tea dress'

Price- $365.00

Went for my monthly visit to the W&DB shop in Perth a few weeks ago and tried this little number on. I have to say that this dress is honestly one of the most flattering dresses I've ever tried one, which is saying a lot for me.

Being a pear shape like myself (small boobs, big hips) I have found it to be a tiring experience when trying to find a nice dress that looks good on my unusual figure as well as finding something that reflects my taste at the same time. This beautiful dress ticks both boxes. The material is so light and comfortable. The ruffles also help enhance my chest a little bit (which is always a bonus!). And the print is just so charming. If I had this dress I think it would be pretty damn hard to get me out of it.

3. The ASOS Fit and Flare Dress (in red and black)

Price- £40.00

I saw this dress on a blog by the lovely Teer Wayde from Curves to Kill. Its a really wonderful blog that encourages woman of all shapes and sizes to feel beautiful the way they are, regardless of their shape, height, weight ect. If you haven't seen it already I insist you take a look-

Now I know that summer is just around the corner which means I should really stop investing my hard earned cash on long sleeve clothing, but seriously, this dress is gorgeous. Defiantly flattering for pear shapes, plus the back is to die for! But the only question is, black or red?

Or both?...
; )

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