Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween! Hoooooowwwwl!

Hi folks! This weekend I attended the 21st of one of my closest friends. Her birthday falls around Halloween (lucky girl) which was a perfect excuse to make her 21st a dress up party.

Everyone had to come as something fictional, so I decided to come as the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.

I love the outfit of the White Rabbit. He certainly knows how to dress. Such a dapper gentlemen. But for a laugh I decided to use some inspiration from Flavor Flav (the rapper in Public Enemy who wears a massive clock around his neck) and incorporate it into my costume.

This was the outcome-

I made the time on my clock 7 because that was when the party was meant to start!

Happy 21st Sarah!

Outfit details-
  • top hat: Tophatters in Perth
  • clock: made by me in 5 mins which is why it looks so crappy, ha!
  • bunny ears: mum found them at a $2 store for me (thanks mum!)
  • bow tie: made by me
  • jacket: Supre
  • vest: vintage
  • dress (worn under vest): Cotton on


Friday, October 29, 2010

inspiration- Joan Jett

For years I've always found Joan Jett to be oddly fascinating. Today while I was on the train, I was reading an interview with Joan Jett in Frankie magazine. It made me feel even more respect for this incredible beautiful woman. Her image may portray her as a typical strong "rock chik", but this interview proved that she is infact just as fragile as most of us. Here's my favorite quote from the interview:

"So many people comment that I'm nice, they compliment me about that. And how a lot of people they've met are not nice. I always really take that to heart - you always want to really just be good to people. It's nice to know that after so long doing this, people can still relate. And that I seem relatable. And that I can still connect with people. Really that's what music is all about, connection."

She is indeed what music is about. To me she is one of the most beautiful woman in the world


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Make Believe lovin'

For those of you who aren't familiar with the jewelry designs of Make Believe, I insist you check out their website and blog at this very minute!

Make Believe was created by Amber Joy and Ebony Fleur, 2 incredibly imaginative gals who combined their talent and ideas to create a label inspired by "elements from the vivacious, thriving cities we've lived in (and) the rustic arms of nature of our childhoods".

Simply divine! The craftsmanship is so beautifully detailed. Just looking at these photos almost make my mouth water.

Even Peaches is a fan!

Last December I decided to buy myself a 21st present and purchase the light pink ‘Petal to the Metal' necklace. I waited anxiously for a week for it to arrive at my work. As soon as I saw the package finally arrive I felt like it was Christmas already.

Its defiantly my favorite 'statement piece' that I own. People always complement me when I wear it out. Defiantly worth forking out my pennies for this glossy resin baby.

Make Believe recently released limited edition "A Chica Chica Boom Chic" colors. These really do pack a punch. The only problem is trying to decide which colour i love most!

Arrghhh!! I love them all!! Why is life so hard?
I can't really afford another one at the moment, but a girl can dream.

If you havn't already, make sure you take a look at their website for all their goodies, and check out their gorgeous blog for all their adventures around the world-


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

new swimsuit + what I wore

Well to my dismay, summer is just around the corner. I know most of you are looking forward to it, unless you're like me of course and perfect gorgeous 22 degrees days with a cool breeze running through your hair and a lovely overcast in the sky. The one thing I hate about summer (apart from the horrible 30- 40 degrees days in Perth) is the fact that I can no longer cover all my bumps with a giant coat and I have to wear more revealing clothing to cope with the heat. I've always been a very self-conscious person and its take a lot of courage to be confident enough to wear a dress without a cardigan or jacket (I hate my arms!).

This also means that I don't really like going to the beach. This is pretty much a crime when you live in WA considering we have the most beautiful beaches in the world. I've never really felt confident in any kind of bikini or swimsuit and I've have always made excuses to avoid going to the beach when invited.

But for the first time in years I actually think that this might change all thanks to my new purchase.

The other day I was looking at the new Mink Pink items at City Beach and I accidentally came across this gorgeous one piece by Mooloola-

The print is gorgeous (I'm a sucker for anything with polka dots) and the cut is oh so flattering. Its the first swimsuit that doesnt make me feel completly ashamed. And it was only $20! Hells yes!

Another reason I hate summer is no longer being able to wear any cute accessories for cooler weather (I envy all you Melbourne peeps and your so called "miserable" weather!!). I'm really going to miss wearing my beloved Wheels & Dollbaby cardigans, my long sleeve vintage dresses, my polka dot scarves and my berets. I love collecting berets. I prefer the french inspired design over the knitted hats that have caused a frenzy over the past 3 years.

So I'm taking full advantage of the cool spring weather by wearing my favorite warmer clothing and accessories. Today was a perfect chilly day for this-

The quality of the photos arnt the best but I'm hoping to have a better camera very soon.

Outfit details:
  • dress- Tumbleweed
  • jacket- Supre
  • beret- an accessories store in the Carillon Arcade (I can't remember for the life of me what its called but I will find out and post it later)
  • cameo brooch- Broken Doll


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ebay love

My current finds from Ebay which I'm hoping to snap before anybody else does-

Heres to hoping. Wish me luck!


song obsessions

Hey friends!

I've recently decided that each week on this blog I'm going to upload a song that I can't stop listening to for the week. I have this habit of listening to the same song until I get sick of it. Really a habit I need to shake.

This weeks video is 'Fuck Me Pumps' by Amy Winehouse. Great song from her first album 'Frank' that explains the irony of gold diggers and 'slappers'. And seriously, how gorgeous is Amy Winehouse in this video! Too bad she chose the pipe before the mike and ended up 10kgs underweight. Don't get me wrong, her music from 'Back to Black' is amazing, and her retro style is really quite cute, but hopefully she'll get her act together again asap. So much talent shouldn't go to waste.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Metallica shakes up Perth

What a night! after 6 years of waiting to see one of my all time favorite bands, last night I witness Metallica in all their glory at the Burswood Dome (which is in Perth for all you non-perthies)

I've been a massive fan of these boys since I was 15. I got to the point where I became completely obsessed with the band, collecting all their dvds, buying memorabilia, listening to their albums when ever I could, always trying to convert my friends into 'metalli-maniacs' and watching their concerts on dvd everyday after school. They are such pioneers for so many musicians as well as the heavy metal world. Most top metal bands of today would cite at-least one of Metallica's first albums as an important influence. And so they should!

The tickets were an anniversary present from my boy (thanks again darling!). We missed out on tickets in the standing area, but our seats did get a view of most of the stage at-least. Because it was their second show in Perth, they decided to mix up their set-list a bit and play a few songs that usually aren't included in their shows, which was a fantastic experience for me. They even played my favorite song 'Orion', a beautiful instrumental piece from their Master of Puppets album. This moved me to tears, which is pretty funny in a way. I never thought I'd ever hear that song live. It really meant so much to me.

Here's a few photos of what i wore to the show-

I brought out my beloved 'Alcoholica' shirt for the night. Alcoholica was a nickname given to the band in the early 80's when they first started getting popular. It was obviously given to them for their heavy consumption of alcohol (god I'm such a metallica nerd). I brought this from 78 Records when I was 16. Its probably my favorite shirt in my wardrobe, not just for for the awesome artwork by the infamous Pushead, but also for sentimental reasons. It doesn't fit me as good as it did when I was 16. Back then I was a tiny size 8, now I'm hitting a 12. But it still does me justice.

Outfit details:

.shirt- 78 Records
.skirt- Dangerfield
.jacket- Supre
.bag- Salvos

And of course I had to spend my hard earned cash on some merchandise for my collection-

I will finish this blog with a Metallica video. I chose 'Whiskey in the Jar' just for a bit of fun. A brilliant cover of the Thin Lizzy version and a perfect song to amp up the party. This song almost ALWAYS puts a smile on my face :)


Monday, October 11, 2010

Wishlist 13/10/2010

Lately I've been eyeing off a few things which I really can't afford right now but feel like I desperately need them! So I've concocted a list for your viewing pleasure. Let me know what you think!

1. The Melissa 'Temptation' shoes in red

Price- $140.00

mmmmmmm. I can smell those bubblegum scented heels from here. I absolutely adore Melissa shoes. Not just for the look, the scent and the fact that they're vegan heels, but also for how wonderfuly comfortable they are to wear. I have found that Melissa shoes are the only shoes that don't make my feet feel like they're about to burst into flames after a few hours of hitting the clubs with my friends.

I've tried this pair on before. They looked amazing but the shop I went to sold out of my size :'(
Soon my pretties, soon you will be mine.

2. The Wheels and Dollbaby 'Bluebird Tattoo print silk tea dress'

Price- $365.00

Went for my monthly visit to the W&DB shop in Perth a few weeks ago and tried this little number on. I have to say that this dress is honestly one of the most flattering dresses I've ever tried one, which is saying a lot for me.

Being a pear shape like myself (small boobs, big hips) I have found it to be a tiring experience when trying to find a nice dress that looks good on my unusual figure as well as finding something that reflects my taste at the same time. This beautiful dress ticks both boxes. The material is so light and comfortable. The ruffles also help enhance my chest a little bit (which is always a bonus!). And the print is just so charming. If I had this dress I think it would be pretty damn hard to get me out of it.

3. The ASOS Fit and Flare Dress (in red and black)

Price- £40.00

I saw this dress on a blog by the lovely Teer Wayde from Curves to Kill. Its a really wonderful blog that encourages woman of all shapes and sizes to feel beautiful the way they are, regardless of their shape, height, weight ect. If you haven't seen it already I insist you take a look-

Now I know that summer is just around the corner which means I should really stop investing my hard earned cash on long sleeve clothing, but seriously, this dress is gorgeous. Defiantly flattering for pear shapes, plus the back is to die for! But the only question is, black or red?

Or both?...
; )

Sunday, October 10, 2010

New buys + what I wore

This weekend I splurged a little. I'm still feeling that high you get when you buy new stuff.... or am I the only one who gets that? Seriously, when I buy something gorgeous and new I feel like I've just had a hit of something illegal. Not sure if that's normal. It probably isn't. But hey, its not really doing any damage to my health so I guess its not too bad being addicted to spending :)

Ive been sick this week. Chronic migraines are the worst. So to make myself feel better I decided to head down to my new favorite store Tumbleweed to see if there was anything new that caught my eye. The first item I found was this lovely cropped cardigan-

The detailing of the beading is so beautiful. The owner of the store tole me that the label, Sarah Jane, is actually designed by Sarah-Jane Clarke, one half of Sass and Bide. I never knew about this until now. This made me love the cardigan even more.

Price: $15 :D

The second item that caught my eye was this gold plated skull bracelet-

I've never really been a wearer of gold/gold plated jewelry. Its never appealed to me before. But recently I've grown to love it. And this bracelet made my heart skip a beat. Defiantly something I could wear with almost anything. I thought I was over my skull stage..but I guess not :)

Price: $30

Today I picked up my laybuy from Zu-

I fell inlove with this handbag instantly when I saw it. I only have 1 day bag at the moment, and I've almost worn it out. I'll probably swap my daybag with this one for a while to give it a break.
This is my current day bag-



It looks a bit worn out in the picture. I brought it from Live about 6 months ago. Its always done me justice. Goes with pretty much any outfit. The studs are fanstastic. One side has large square studs (good for amping up my outfit a bit) while the other side has smaller round studs (for when I want to tone down my look a little). I know that the reason why the studs are smaller at the back is so they dont hurt when the bag rests on me, but I see it for differnt purposes.

Defiantly thrilled with my purchases this weekend. Tumbelweed never disappoints me. I plan to do a post on this store very soon. It really does deserves more exposure. If you live in Perth, I insist you check it out.

Here's a photo of what I wore today (sorry that the quality of photos isn't too flash. I need to invest in a decent camera) :

Bag- Live
Belt- Wheels and Dollbaby
Skirt- Vinnies
Blondie shirt- I brought it from a band shirt store in Freo. Cant remember what its called but will post it when I find out.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Op shopping 07-10-2010

Today my mum and I went for a looksy at the local Life Line op shop which is only a few blocks away from my house. Once again I was not disappointed. Found some really great pieces for my wardrobe. Not that I really NEEDED more stuff to cram in there, but for under $5, I was sold.

My first find of the day was actually on the $2 rack which was outside the shop. It was a lovely high waisted floral skirt which seemed pretty retro, maybe 90s? It certainly was in the style of the 90s. I'm really loving 90's vintage at the moment, especially 90's vintage florals. I plan to wear this to work tomorrow. Oh the joys of wearing what ever you like to work!

Here's a close up of the material:

Cost: $2

My second find was a gorgeous floral top. Its a size 14, which is a bit big for me, but surprising it actually looked great.

The material is so light and feminine, which helps for the hot days and nights ahead of us. Defiantly something I would wear to dinner with a high waisted skirt and perhaps a flower fascinator in my hair (any excuse to pull out the fascinators really).

Cost: $5

My last clothing purchase of the day was another floral top (floral obsessed much?)

Its actually a little bit similar to the previous top I found, but a completely different cut and material. The neck is quite high, and the buttons are located at the back. I personally think its a bit more "edgy" than the previous top. Something I would wear during the day, and I'd probably team it with some tailored shorts.

Cost: $5

Lastly, I went for a wonder through the brick a brack and found a few things that I really didn't need but brought anyway :)

I thought this rabbit picture was too gorgeous to pass up. The picture itself is beautifully detailed. It reminds me of cards I used to buy from new age stores when I was a kid. Just lovely.

Cost: $1.50

And finally, my last purchase for the day was these 4 mugs:

Very retro, with an iridescent coating. They caught my eye straight away with the beautiful colors. Defiantly taking these with me when I move out of home!

Cost: 50c each

Total amount spent today: $15.50

I think I did pretty good today. Goes to show that if you take the time to look and have a little patience, you don't always have to buy brand new.