Tuesday, October 26, 2010

song obsessions

Hey friends!

I've recently decided that each week on this blog I'm going to upload a song that I can't stop listening to for the week. I have this habit of listening to the same song until I get sick of it. Really a habit I need to shake.

This weeks video is 'Fuck Me Pumps' by Amy Winehouse. Great song from her first album 'Frank' that explains the irony of gold diggers and 'slappers'. And seriously, how gorgeous is Amy Winehouse in this video! Too bad she chose the pipe before the mike and ended up 10kgs underweight. Don't get me wrong, her music from 'Back to Black' is amazing, and her retro style is really quite cute, but hopefully she'll get her act together again asap. So much talent shouldn't go to waste.


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