Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Its a new dawn, its a new day

Hi friends!

This is my first post on Nonfiction Fiction. Felling a bit nervous yet excited about finally starting my blog. After over a year of my friends hearing "oh im starting a blog by the way blah blah blah" i've finally gotten off my ass. I plan to stay committed to this blog and follow through with my plans.

My upcoming blogs will mainly focus on my influences in fashion and what inspires me today. Like others, I find that my tastes in clothing can change dramatically overtime (kinda like the collage on my wall; it changes when I change) and I hope to document my changes and thoughts.

I also plan to blog about some of my favorite vintage stores in perth that Im dying to talk about and share with you all. (Doing some vintage shopping tomorrow which I'm excited about!)

Stay tuned for more posts

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