Thursday, December 30, 2010

Goodbuy 2010

Tonight's the night that we all say goodbye to 2010. I find it hard to believe that a year has gone by. It seems like yesterday that I was at the movies watching Avatar with my boyfriend on NYE 09!

Here's some photos that pretty much sum up my year-

I wrote a list the other day of the main highlights of my year-

  1. I quit my job as a full time reception/admin officer at an office I worked at for almost 3 years
  2. I went back to school to study marketing
  3. became unemployed for the first time in 4 years
  4. my gorgeous boyfriend and I celebrated our 1st anniversary ♥
  5. I got back into my artwork and started drawing portraits again
  6. went to the Burlesque Ball
  7. went to many 21st parties
  8. fell back onto a boat TWICE while trying to get off
  9. went to my 2nd Soundwave
  10. became a redhead again
  11. welcomed a new member into our family, Chester the guinea pig
  12. discovered new music I adore
  13. went to Bussleton with my boyfriend for our first holiday together
  14. made the pledge to use makeup that ISN'T tested on animals (you'd be shocked how many known brands commonly test on animals)
  15. saw some of my favorite bands- Faith No More, Anthrax, La Roux, Metallica, Eagles of Death Metal, Trivium, Bertie Blackman, Lamb of God, Clutch, The Eagles
  16. Mourned the loss of my cousin Ricky ♥♥ xox
  17. started working part time at an op shop
  18. dressed up as the White Rabbit for a Halloween party
  19. watched a lot of Mad Men and Mighty Boosh
  20. drank a lot of soy cappuccinos
  21. started this blog :)
  22. went to the Miss Jam Jam Launch Party which was amazing
  23. threw a 'bad taste' birthday party
  24. celebrated my 22nd birthday
  25. consumed quite a lot of wine and cocktails which I'm not too proud of I might add
  26. discovered that getting older is actually ok and isn't as scary as I thought

In other news, I just purchased this lovely dress from Mod Cloth:

Can't wait to find it sitting at my doorstep :)

No plans for tonight as of yet. We're probably going to wing it. If we can't find anything to do we'll probably just stay in, get a bottle of wine and watch Summer Heights High. It might sound boring but I think it sounds perfect


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Xmas wishlist

Listening to: Roxy Music
Watching: Project Runway

Reading: 'The Bronze Horseman' by Paullina Simons

Can't believe its Christmas in 5 days!! argghhh!

Here's my Xmas wishlist of all the wonderful things I can't really afford right now. Just thought I'd throw out some hints ;)

'Navigating the Canals' dressby Modcloth

'Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People' by Amy Sedaris

Wheels & Doll Baby 'Norma Jean' capri pants

the Retro Rhinestone Sparrow Hat by Janine Basil

'Vintage Hairstyling' by Lauren Rennells

the 'Missing You' cardi by Dangerfield

The Friend of Couture 'Win Me Over' dress

Whats on your Christmas wishlist?


Friday, December 17, 2010

You say its your birthday? It's my birthday too yeah!

Listening to: Run DMC

Watching: Mad Men

Reading: Fashion X Press

Ok, I'm really bad at blog posting at a regular rate. And I actually have a good excuse this time! We recently changed internet providers so we could get faster internet, but it actually made it go even slower! We were with iinet for a while, but we had enough of our internet disconnecting every 10mins for no reason. We switched to Vodafone mobile internet, but now we're having second thoughts, yet again! *sigh*

Enough of my whingeing. Monday was my 22nd birthday. I actually wasn't looking forward to turning 22 and letting go of the ripe old age of 21, but to be honest it actually feels better than I did a year ago when I turned 21. I'm not sure why this is. Perhaps being 21 is an over rated concept, and letting go of that age made me realise that getting older isn't as scary as I thought it would be. Personally I think that there is a lot of pressure put on ourselves to 'live life to the fullest', especially during our 21st year of life. Through out the year I always had this in the back on my mind, which made me stress over trying to make sure that I did as much as I could this year. Now that it is over I actually feel a lot of weight off my shoulders and I feel more relaxed. So far I'm loving being 22 and I'm really excited about what the future holds for me.

I had my birthday on the weekend prior. This year for my birthday I decided to throw a 'bad taste party'. Basically you have to come dressed in the worst clothing you can find. I am very happy with this decision as it made my birthday without a doubt one of the best birthdays in my life.

This is my attempt as an '80's prom queen'. Monty the cat also wanted to be in the photo :)

I had so much trouble finding an 80's prom dress. There were 2 reasons for this-
  1. apparently, according to Vinnie Retro in Northbridge, this year alot of work places were having '80's prom nights' for their Christmas party. so much for my "original" idea!

  2. I could not find a dress my size. I went to every op shop, costume shop and retro shop in my area. I found perfect dresses that fit me everywhere except for my back. I hate my back! Because of how broad I am it makes it very difficult to find retro clothing that fits me. I'm usually a size 10 but when I buy retro clothing I normally have to buy a size 14 or 16.

The dress I wore was actually hired from Broken Doll in Freo. It had corseting at the back which made it so much easier for me to fit into.

I had pretty macaroons at my party for everyone to enjoy :)

The winner of the 'worst best dressed' was Ashley, who received a lovely bottle of wine.

Such a great night with all my best friends. I couldn't of asked for more!
Here's some of the lovely gifts I received for my birthday:

I certainly feel loved ^_^

My actual birthday was on Monday. I spent my day in the city doing the things I love most-

Birthday outfit photo:

My hair is still crimped from Saturday night. It was a nightmare to wash out, but totally worth it.

Outfit details:

.dress- Alley
.cardi- Chica Booti
.necklace- Tumbleweed
.bag- Live
.shoes- gift from friend

I can safely say that this year was the best birthday I have ever had


Friday, November 26, 2010

Miss Jam Jam launch party

Listening to: George Harrison

Watching: Red Dwarf, season 4

Reading: an old copy of Frankie Magazine (I NEVER throw any of my Frankie magazines away)

Hi lovelies! Sorry that I've been a bit lazy with my updates this week. No really good excuses to be honest, just pure laziness :( I'm going to make sure that this doesn't happen in the future. I've started this blog for a reason!

Last Monday my very good friend Sarah and I attended the Miss Jam Jam Launch party which was held at the Canton Lounge Bar in Perth. I can't believe I've never discovered this delightful place before! Its a very unique venue with a gothic feel and beautiful detailing, tuck away on Hay Street. I highly recommend everyone to check it out. I plan to have my birthday there next year.

Anyhoo, back to the launch. Miss Jam Jam offers a wide selection of gorgeous bows, shoe clips, soaps, clothing and even pasties. Here are some photos from the night-

Freshening up

Sarah looking fabulous as usual

Some of the gorgeous merchandise that was for sale that night

Cute zombie waitresses handing out candy

Here's a photo of me enjoying my 'Miss Jam Jam cocktail', which was delicious I might add!

I also had the pleasure in meeting the gorgeous burlesque and performance artist Iskra Valentine who performed at the launch party. She was so lovely to talk to. We had a chat about vintage clothing and all things burlesque.

Here's a photo of her performance from the night:

She did a 'werewolf' inspired performance which was divine and probably one of the best burlesque performances I've ever seen. She told me that it was a full moon that night which actually made a lot of sense.

There was also a magician present for our entertainment! As if the night couldn't get better! The very talented Jon Madd performed some magic tricks through out the night which was lots of fun. I was a little bit drunk at the time so I think I freaked out a little bit when he did some card tricks for me. Magic tricks can seem a bit more intense when you've had a bit to drink!

At the end of the night Sarah and I went for a wonder around Perth City, which was completely dead! I'm not sure if any of you have walked around Perth city at 11pm on a weeknight, but its pretty creepy.

While we were walking around I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to do some window shopping. Here's a surprise photo of me outside of Sportsgirl-

Outfit details-

dress: Sex Kitten, Pacific Fair on the Gold Coat
cardigan: Wheels and Dollbaby
bag: Zu Shoes
headband: Gloss accessories
shoes: Melissa

Overall I can honestly say that this was one of the best nights of my life. I'm so thankful that I went. Hopefully Miss Jam Jam will throw another extravagant party again soon!

For more information on Miss Jam Jam's lovely products please visit this website-


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Covetish wishlist

I love Covetish. If you havn't discovered it yet, Covetish collates the best Australian e-retailers in one site for our convenience.
This site is chock-a-block full of great stuff. I have spent hours on this site and I've only managed to get through 50% of the items available!

This are just a small fraction of my wishlist:

 is giving one lucky person the chance to win their coveted wishlist of clothing and accessories valued at $5 000!

follow this link for details-