Friday, November 26, 2010

Miss Jam Jam launch party

Listening to: George Harrison

Watching: Red Dwarf, season 4

Reading: an old copy of Frankie Magazine (I NEVER throw any of my Frankie magazines away)

Hi lovelies! Sorry that I've been a bit lazy with my updates this week. No really good excuses to be honest, just pure laziness :( I'm going to make sure that this doesn't happen in the future. I've started this blog for a reason!

Last Monday my very good friend Sarah and I attended the Miss Jam Jam Launch party which was held at the Canton Lounge Bar in Perth. I can't believe I've never discovered this delightful place before! Its a very unique venue with a gothic feel and beautiful detailing, tuck away on Hay Street. I highly recommend everyone to check it out. I plan to have my birthday there next year.

Anyhoo, back to the launch. Miss Jam Jam offers a wide selection of gorgeous bows, shoe clips, soaps, clothing and even pasties. Here are some photos from the night-

Freshening up

Sarah looking fabulous as usual

Some of the gorgeous merchandise that was for sale that night

Cute zombie waitresses handing out candy

Here's a photo of me enjoying my 'Miss Jam Jam cocktail', which was delicious I might add!

I also had the pleasure in meeting the gorgeous burlesque and performance artist Iskra Valentine who performed at the launch party. She was so lovely to talk to. We had a chat about vintage clothing and all things burlesque.

Here's a photo of her performance from the night:

She did a 'werewolf' inspired performance which was divine and probably one of the best burlesque performances I've ever seen. She told me that it was a full moon that night which actually made a lot of sense.

There was also a magician present for our entertainment! As if the night couldn't get better! The very talented Jon Madd performed some magic tricks through out the night which was lots of fun. I was a little bit drunk at the time so I think I freaked out a little bit when he did some card tricks for me. Magic tricks can seem a bit more intense when you've had a bit to drink!

At the end of the night Sarah and I went for a wonder around Perth City, which was completely dead! I'm not sure if any of you have walked around Perth city at 11pm on a weeknight, but its pretty creepy.

While we were walking around I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to do some window shopping. Here's a surprise photo of me outside of Sportsgirl-

Outfit details-

dress: Sex Kitten, Pacific Fair on the Gold Coat
cardigan: Wheels and Dollbaby
bag: Zu Shoes
headband: Gloss accessories
shoes: Melissa

Overall I can honestly say that this was one of the best nights of my life. I'm so thankful that I went. Hopefully Miss Jam Jam will throw another extravagant party again soon!

For more information on Miss Jam Jam's lovely products please visit this website-



  1. Hmmm thinking I want to check this place out... and you happen to be wearing one of my all time favourite cardigans! I heard they're bringing them out in more colours for winter and I'm already so excited haha


  2. This event looked like so much fun!! And you were looking smashing! =]

  3. Shell: you totally should check it out. I think you would love it. and they have a nice cocktail range there too. And did you say more colours??! arrghhh!! im so so happy! i think a royal blue cardi with white embroidery would be divine :)

    tbizcuts: naaaw, thanks darling xox

  4. Hey there! I just found your blog through Miss Jam Jam. I love it! I know it's rather late notice and you may not see this, but if you enjoyed the Miss Jam Jam launch then you should pop in to The Powder Room's Summer Season Soiree at Devilles tonight - for a display of vintage, burlesque and pin up style with burlesque acts, BOYlesque, catwalk show and music (incl Boom! Bap! Pow!) - check it out at

  5. BlessThisDress: Thanks a bunch for checking out my blog! I only just noticed your comment 5 mins ago. I wish I saw it sooner because I would have defiantly made an appearance at Devilles (can't get enough of that place). I'm really sorry I didnt make it down, but give me the heads up when its happening again and I'll be there with bells on :)
    p.s- I just started following your blog. Its so lovely and your posts are a great read too!