Monday, November 15, 2010

Style icons- Paloma Faith

I've been a fan of Paloma Faith's music for a while, but I really want to share my love of her style.

Shes had quite an interesting career so far. First Paloma studied at the prestigious Saint Martins while working as a sales assistant at Agent Provocateur. She then picked up work as a cabaret singer and even worked as a magician’s assistant.

She has also had acting roles in films such as The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and St. Trinian's while working on her debut album. Talk about multi tasking!

Would you just look at her! Her style is defiantly 'old world' with some 80's references thrown in, while still managing to keep her look modern. Not a lot of people can pull this off, where as she does it with ease.

“I’ve adopted the look of the past. I’ve been dressing in old clothes in the 40’s and 50’s for 5 or 6 years now. Usually I spend a lot of my time in thrift stores, vintage clothes shops, Ebay just hunting around for gems.”

Her outfits are utterly beautiful and are obviously retro inspired. She always chooses to have theatrical elements in her live performances which is something I really admire. Have you ever watched a video of her performing live on stage? Its quite breath taking. She has such a great stage presence. I guess that's where her acting abilities come in. And she defiantly puts it to good use.

This is such a beautiful fruit bowl headpiece. Incredibly detailed. Dazzling

I'm really loving the abundance of color in these photographs. Simply beautiful

I remember seeing this outfit when she performed at 'Live from Abbey Road'. I think this dress is just simply amazing. Its like a Wheels and Dollbaby 'Gigi' dress but with a Tin Man influence! Very original. Love it

Here's a photo of Paloma with one of my other style icons, the delicious Noel Fielding. I'll be doing a post about him in the upcoming future. Don't they look great together? This outfit is so cute, especially the pom poms. I need that hat!

I also love the fact that her everyday outfits still contain theatrical elements and have so much originality

She is truly a woman who appreciates color. I don't think there's enough people in the world who really embrace colour for all its worth.