Sunday, October 10, 2010

New buys + what I wore

This weekend I splurged a little. I'm still feeling that high you get when you buy new stuff.... or am I the only one who gets that? Seriously, when I buy something gorgeous and new I feel like I've just had a hit of something illegal. Not sure if that's normal. It probably isn't. But hey, its not really doing any damage to my health so I guess its not too bad being addicted to spending :)

Ive been sick this week. Chronic migraines are the worst. So to make myself feel better I decided to head down to my new favorite store Tumbleweed to see if there was anything new that caught my eye. The first item I found was this lovely cropped cardigan-

The detailing of the beading is so beautiful. The owner of the store tole me that the label, Sarah Jane, is actually designed by Sarah-Jane Clarke, one half of Sass and Bide. I never knew about this until now. This made me love the cardigan even more.

Price: $15 :D

The second item that caught my eye was this gold plated skull bracelet-

I've never really been a wearer of gold/gold plated jewelry. Its never appealed to me before. But recently I've grown to love it. And this bracelet made my heart skip a beat. Defiantly something I could wear with almost anything. I thought I was over my skull stage..but I guess not :)

Price: $30

Today I picked up my laybuy from Zu-

I fell inlove with this handbag instantly when I saw it. I only have 1 day bag at the moment, and I've almost worn it out. I'll probably swap my daybag with this one for a while to give it a break.
This is my current day bag-



It looks a bit worn out in the picture. I brought it from Live about 6 months ago. Its always done me justice. Goes with pretty much any outfit. The studs are fanstastic. One side has large square studs (good for amping up my outfit a bit) while the other side has smaller round studs (for when I want to tone down my look a little). I know that the reason why the studs are smaller at the back is so they dont hurt when the bag rests on me, but I see it for differnt purposes.

Defiantly thrilled with my purchases this weekend. Tumbelweed never disappoints me. I plan to do a post on this store very soon. It really does deserves more exposure. If you live in Perth, I insist you check it out.

Here's a photo of what I wore today (sorry that the quality of photos isn't too flash. I need to invest in a decent camera) :

Bag- Live
Belt- Wheels and Dollbaby
Skirt- Vinnies
Blondie shirt- I brought it from a band shirt store in Freo. Cant remember what its called but will post it when I find out.


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