Thursday, October 7, 2010

Op shopping 07-10-2010

Today my mum and I went for a looksy at the local Life Line op shop which is only a few blocks away from my house. Once again I was not disappointed. Found some really great pieces for my wardrobe. Not that I really NEEDED more stuff to cram in there, but for under $5, I was sold.

My first find of the day was actually on the $2 rack which was outside the shop. It was a lovely high waisted floral skirt which seemed pretty retro, maybe 90s? It certainly was in the style of the 90s. I'm really loving 90's vintage at the moment, especially 90's vintage florals. I plan to wear this to work tomorrow. Oh the joys of wearing what ever you like to work!

Here's a close up of the material:

Cost: $2

My second find was a gorgeous floral top. Its a size 14, which is a bit big for me, but surprising it actually looked great.

The material is so light and feminine, which helps for the hot days and nights ahead of us. Defiantly something I would wear to dinner with a high waisted skirt and perhaps a flower fascinator in my hair (any excuse to pull out the fascinators really).

Cost: $5

My last clothing purchase of the day was another floral top (floral obsessed much?)

Its actually a little bit similar to the previous top I found, but a completely different cut and material. The neck is quite high, and the buttons are located at the back. I personally think its a bit more "edgy" than the previous top. Something I would wear during the day, and I'd probably team it with some tailored shorts.

Cost: $5

Lastly, I went for a wonder through the brick a brack and found a few things that I really didn't need but brought anyway :)

I thought this rabbit picture was too gorgeous to pass up. The picture itself is beautifully detailed. It reminds me of cards I used to buy from new age stores when I was a kid. Just lovely.

Cost: $1.50

And finally, my last purchase for the day was these 4 mugs:

Very retro, with an iridescent coating. They caught my eye straight away with the beautiful colors. Defiantly taking these with me when I move out of home!

Cost: 50c each

Total amount spent today: $15.50

I think I did pretty good today. Goes to show that if you take the time to look and have a little patience, you don't always have to buy brand new.



  1. Score! Nice finds, love those mugs haha! Good to see SOMEWHERE still has reasonable op shop prices, I'm always shocked when I go into Good Sammys or the Salvos these days. I mean, I know it's for a good cause, but really!

  2. Oh i know, even Vinnes can be a bit pricey too. I dont even bother with Good Sammys anymore.
    p.s: I bloody adore your blog!! always a pleasure to read. you're style is amazing ♥♥