Monday, January 10, 2011

statement necklaces

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Reading: The Bronze Horseman

Hi friends!

Recently I've realised that I tend to spend my dosh on a whole lot of dresses, but I seem to forget about something just as important as the outfit- accessorising. I'm not sure if you have that problem too?
That being the case, I've made the decision to try to buy less clothing and invest in some key pieces to accessorise with my current dresses.

Here's a few statement necklaces that I'm currently keeping my eye on:

The 'Bloody Victorian' fabric rosette necklace by StudioElenus (etsy)

'A Rose is a Rose Necklace' by Mama's Little Babies (etsy)

The 'The Holes in History' vintage lace ribbon bow necklace by Gala Curious

'Behind that curtain' necklace by Lola & Bailey in 'new mod art'

'Kitschy Cuckoo Clock' necklace by Miss Bluebird Creations (etsy)

Statement Bib Necklace by myfaunaflora (etsy)

I must, I MUST resist temptation and save my pennies for LA in Nov!

I think the smart thing for me to do would be buying a book on budgeting instead of expensive statement necklaces?...

How do people manage to save these days when etsy exists?!



  1. You're a mindreader! I DEFINITELY have that problem. Dresses galore but no shoes, belts or necklaces to go with them! My 2011 style resolution is to spend more time paying attention to accessories!

  2. That’s one of my resolutions too. A beautiful accessory, when chosen correctly can really compliment an outfit. I know its not easy to remember this when shopping. I get so excited and flusted when I discover a new dress I love and I usually buy it without thinking. A bad habit I really need to shake.

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