Friday, January 28, 2011

migraine pick me ups

I haven't been well all week. I've been suffering from chronic migraines that seem to hit me in full force, go away for a while, and then strike again. The migraines make my eyes so painful that I can't move them. I spent most of the week (including Australia day) lying in bed feeling sorry for myself.

That being said, I was feeling ok on Thursday so I took the opportunity to get out the house and buy some cute things that were on my list-

polka dot blouse- Dangerfeild
skirt- Jacequi E
vintage necklace- Broken Doll
treble clef brooch- Lovisa
tapestry handbag- Sportsgirl

I think I'm feeling a bit better after all those purchases.




  1. Love the outfit! It is very you. You must put up photos of you wearing it once you feel better!
    Get well hun x

  2. thanks darling. when the weather goes under 30 i'll take some photos. its too hot to wear this atm. urrghh summer shits me sometimes