Saturday, February 5, 2011

polka dot parade

I brought this vintage dress from Tumble Weed last year. I've never really worn brown before. I use to hate the colour brown but recently its starting to grow on me. I think brown with black polka dots is a great combination. And believe it or not this dress is actually my first brown clothing purchase!

Originally the length went past my knees (I never seem to look good in long dresses/skirts) but luckily for me a lady I work with is a seamstress who was more than happy to shorten the dress for me.

And on the subject of polka dot my wardrobe seems to be bursting with polka dot patterned clothing. I do admit that I have an obsession which may seem a bit unhealthy. For a while I thought I was over my polka dot frenzy, but when I felt my heart skip a beat after 'spotting' (haha I'm so lame at puns) these items, I knew my polka dot days were far from over-

The 'Know Dress' from Awoke On A Whale Heart

The 'Lazerade Pixie Dress' from Urban Outfitters

I think I may have a polka dot problem. I've heard of some weird problems but I'm not sure If I've heard of that before..



  1. I wore polka dots today and red lipstick made me happy =]

  2. i do hope you intend to post some photos!!

  3. Wow it looks great on you! I agree, brown is the underdog of colours but it can look really good sometimes. And I love gap teeth <3 so perfectly imperfect.
    Thanks for commenting, I like your blog so I'm gonna follow!

    Charlotte from ALL TOMORROW’S PARTIES

  4. Thanks so much Charlotte. I adore your blog :)

  5. great pictures :) love you blog

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    krasne obrazky

  6. That dress looks bangin' on you!!!! They're so my colours too. Love it.


    Velveteen x

  7. I think I have a polka-dot problem too! They just go with everything. Such a cute outfit!

  8. I love polka dots not as much as I used to but I still defenitly love them!!